Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Uncle Shihadeh, Shihadeh George Shihadeh

My husbands Uncle passed away today, very unexpected. He was a sweet man with a loving heart. He had many trials of his own but was a person who sought to make others happy. He lived in Florida so we did not see him often.We did keep in contact with phone calls and cards; he had a habit of calling out of the blue just to say "hello". With the recent passing of so many celebrities, we can get so caught up in the hoopla of measuring a person by their social status and not their character. Falsely giving acclaim to a #1 record seller forgetting what is done out of the spotlight. I just wanted to recognize a simple man with a simple ambition to love others~ no matter what the cost. Wishing safe travels to the family traveling to Florida, Ed and I would have liked to have joined you. The Shihadeh family is a large family, Uncle Shihadeh leaves behind his sons (and wives/grankids) and many siblings..a large family now with a large hole.

Hopefully his passing will present a good opportunity for the gospel to be shared and well received.


  1. we are very sorry for your family's loss. we will keep you in our thoughts.

  2. Wish you could make that trip to Florida (for my own selfish reasons...) because then we could meet you guys!! On a more somber note, my sympathies for the loss of your Uncle.

    Somehow I missed the earlier post of the Trisomy 18 brat pack, including Brianna. I don't think you mentioned Zane, we MUST have a boy in the group!!! Hmm, I need to put on my thinking cap and come up with a tee shirt for our infamous brat pack.