Monday, April 26, 2010

Some random pictures

We are looking forward to the warmer spring/summer days for more visits to the park.

Alyssa loved the ducks and the wind on her face.
Don't know if she waslooking for some heavenly intervention~ cause the spoonsfuls of apple sause just kept coming and coming.

Is that a smile through the sause?
no I don't think so?

I wanted to send a picture in Macarri's birthday card of the girls wishing her a very happy birthday. however they had other plans!! Here is a few of the 12 shots that I took Alyssa loved picking up and throwing Maccri's name sign! She did this to me several times as I just snapped the picture!!

If I forgot to say "smile!!!" They forgot to do it. She there went a few shots!

Trying to get both girls to stay still and smile was hard! I gave up :-)
Alyssa celebrating turning 2o months, by wearing her birthday shirt~

Sunny days at home...