Friday, February 26, 2010


Many of you have inquired about The Ritzman family. Unfortunately I don't have an update for you. The last contact I had with the family, regarding the baby was via a general mass e-mail indicating that Melanie would be heading to the hospital on 2/23/10 to deliver the baby. I trust that the Ritzman's know that prayers continue to be said on their behalf and I hope (as I know you all do) that they will be kind enough to provide an update when able. For those of you on this T18 journey you know how breath taking those first few moments and days can remain hopeful for this little one.

Another local (to me) baby diagnosed in utero with T18 is expected in the next few weeks. I hope to get permisson from his parents to share thier story as well. Until then prayers for Baby Caleb's family would be appreciated.

Another neat event coming up is our friend MaCari will be turning 2!!! Macari's mom came across Alyssa's blog almost a year ago and we've kept in contact. Somewhere in this blog there are pictures of this adorable little girl. I've got to ask her mom for more. Macari had some sickness over the winter but over all is doing really well. So take that T18!! Macari has full T18 too! Her big day is March 10th!!

Alyssa has celebrated her 19th month on this earth Feb. 15th! She continues to do well overall. We are working out some kinks with the Bi-PAP machine. If anyone knows where we can get nasal cannula's that would be compatible with the VPAP III by Resmed~ DO TELL! The gel mask is really difficult for Alyssa. I'll dedicate more time later to go into details, short-n-sweet we would love to use nasal prongs. We have heard of Nasal Air II for kids but the smallest it goes to is for a 40lb child. So we will continue to look..Otherwise Miss Alyssa is 20lbs 9 ounces and 28" long. Our little star!

Below are some older video's of Alyssa when she was between 14-17 months old. Just wanted to share them.

we continue to work on feeding orally!!

just listen to her!