Sunday, June 28, 2009

Starting Solids

Alyssa started eating solids consistently last week. She's up to eating 2tbsp's a day. We are slowly working up the levels. Remember that aspiration and choking is a big concern.. so baby steps. As you can see dining etiquette is something we will work on next. right now we just want to get the food in and keep it in!


  1. oh i remember starting baby foods! we used these teeny tiny little cups (probably held about 2 tbsp worth of food) and i was always so proud when kaiya got it all in and kept it in. alyssa looks like she's doing well with the spoon and keeping the foods in there! way to go big girl!

  2. yeah, thanks for reminding me to get started again! I get lazy with just feeding Vera by gtube. slowly does it!