Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Meet Our Friends...

This beautiful girl is MaCari and she has Trisomy 18!We "met" MaCari and her mom Carri a few months ago by e-mail. We hope to meet them in person some day soon. They actually live close to us...well a few hours away, in another state but hey in the T18 world that is close.

MaCari and her mom Carri

MaCari is 15 months old today! Isn't that something to celebrate? What a wonderful example of how compatible with life Trisomy 18 truly can be...

She looks like a daddy's girl too!
It's a daily thought almost.. the phrase "incompatible with life" can doctors or medical professionals in an non-exacting science make such a concrete determination when there are so many examples of just how compatible a Trisomy baby can be to this world. Yes I understand the statistics, however with a change in thinking...a change in practice...there will be a change in the statistics.

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