Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Playing Along

Here's Alyssa sitting in her chair. Patti, her PT brought it to us on Monday. Alyssa's talking in this shot, I was wondering what she was saying. Is it I want a toy?

Nooo, something about her new glasses. You can't tell but these are her new glasses. They aren't bent up like the old ones, so they must feel a little different for her. We just picked them up this morning. Yep that's it! So now I get it, little miss wants to take them off. Do you think she'll do it, knowing I'm watching!
She's doing it, how bold!

OH!, now she's worried about paparazzi???Caught in the act, but the mission is complete! Well how do you like that?

Alyssa is becoming more aware of her glasses. A few months ago, she'd wear them all day without incident. Now we get an hour or so and then she yanks them off. We'll put them on again after a break and the pattern repeats. She tracks better and does more with them on; so we'll play along with her until she tolerates them better.

Here's another shot of us hanging out... I can't believe the SOFT conference is in about a month! As a matter of fact so is Alyssa's birthday. I'm disappointed that we can't make it this year, to the conference. It would have been a great way to memorialize her first year. I also was looking forward to meeting some of our online friends and learning more about the advances in T18 research/treatment. I hope that we can make it next year; with Alyssa in tow! It would be neat to catch up with everyone in person. The mom's I've met on-line.. Marta, Connie and more have been such a help to me in learning the ropes. Cathy, Brenda,...maybe I'll do a make a wish for the girls to get together. A spa day for us gals, and a Bar-b-Q for the men?!? ;-) Wouldn't that be awesome!! Prayers and hugs to you and the girls...so glad Annabel is feeling better and that Brianna's "scare" was only that! Kelly and Carri your girls are inspiring too! Carri can I post some pictures of MaCari? She too cute, not too. Akaiya, Annabel, Alyssa, Brianna, and Macari..the T18 "brat pack"!! ooh I can't forget about May and sweet little Vera! It seems like Alyssa follows Vera's moves closely. Vera has made some incredible milestones in her 15 months..i can only hope it'll be just as good for Alyssa.


  1. So wish I could be there with the "brat pack" too and meet everyone! Alyssa looks so chubby and healthy now. And that's a great chair solution from your PT, all properly padded up. Got a feeling Vera needs glasses as well, she's far sighted too, but we probably won't have them on for long either! Great job on Alyssa...the hard work shows!

  2. Alyssa you are such a beautiful girlie!! Love the pictures and you looks so cute with your glasses :) Have a great Summer :)

  3. i love the pics of alyssa! there is something about her that reminds me of akaiya when she was a baby. i wish that you were going to conference so we could get all the girls together! hopefully next year's conference will be close enough for your family to be able to come! it's really a wonderful experience. alyssa looks like she's doing so well. hope you are enjoying your summer ;)