Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy July 4th

Hannah, Alyssa and Jessica hanging out...Hannah has Ehlor's Danlos and it's assorted complications.

Hannah has been an inspiration and encouragement in learning how to persevere during long trials.

Alyssa Grace

While in the womb, she seemed to be alright

No clues foretold the battle she would fight

She was born a week past when she was due

Yet promptly doctors knew things were askew

After her birth, she barely topped four pounds

She couldn’t breathe or make soft baby sounds

The doctors did not know what it could be

But then, to her parents’ angst, did agree

This precious and resplendent gift of God

Pulchritude within and on her fa├žade

Hair like ebony silk and eyes like stars

Will so strong to overcome all her scars

This little one was diagnosed

With Trisomy 18, which causes most

Of those affected to die before birth

And other in their first year on earth

But this girl fought so hard to overcome

To beat the odds and never succumb

She pushed onward with every ounce she had

Refused to give up, fail, or just be sad

And now to this day she is still fighting

Making each day new, fresh, and exciting

She was thought beyond hope of surviving

Yet now is one years old, home and thriving~

an original work by Hannah K

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