Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Alyssa Grace

Alyssa says "It's my birthday!!"

It's a few hours shy of Alyssa's official birthday. Since we have an early start in the morning, I wanted to take a moment and wish a very happy birthday to our special girl. I am at a loss for words..just thankful; for the many prayers and well wishes on her behalf. There is no doubt in my mind that if it were not for the numerous petitions put before Christ for her, she would not be with us today. God is good; not because he saw fit to preserve Alyssa. HE is good because HE loves us in spite of our sin (just to name 1 reason).

He has blessed our family with this trial which has caused us to grow in so many ways and forge a deeper understanding of His word and His place at the head of our table. God is sovereign and has pre-ordained all our days on this earth. I will praise HIM today and tomorrow...I will praise HIM if HE sees fit to call Alyssa home sooner than our hearts desire as I know HIS works are wonderful and that He does all to our benefit and to HIS glory. My hope is that Alyssa's life and in turn our actions will bring glory to God.

If you'd like to celebrate Alyssa's big day with us wear purple tomorrow. If you want send us a picture of you in your purple garb. We'd love it!

While this is a celebration for us; it is also a celebration for those families affected by Trisomy 18 as a "long term" survivor is a indication to doctors that "incompatible with life" statement/treatment is not an okay label for T18 babies. Life is beautiful and these lives are worth living! It is essential for the medical model to acknowledge that perfect is in the eye of the beholder and from my view Alyssa is just perfect.


This post is dedicated to : Gabriella, Magdelena, Meiko, Molly and Sophie..lives lived and called to glory


  1. happy 1st year Alyssa. you're a true blue survivor!

  2. Wanting to stop by to say I email you the pictures from Annabel and myself. sorry it wasn't earlier but we had dr. appt. in Houston. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Alyssa! You continue to touch so many lives with your sweet life Alyssa! You are so loved by your family. Trish, she looks so wonderful. I love her sweet glasses. Thank you for continuing to share Alyssa's journey with us. We all learn and grow from each other. Brenda had to rush Brianna to the hospital last night. I briefly talked with her and we talked about Alyssa turning 1 today. Please know that she is thinking of this special day even though she hasn't had time yet to email you. She wanted you to know that she was thinking of you and I told her I would tell you. Praises and thanksgiving to the giver of LIfe!

  3. happy birthday sweet alyssa!

  4. Happy Birthday Sweetheart!!!