Sunday, March 21, 2010

Quick update

It's been crazy busy here at home between birthday celebrations (our older daughter turned 4!!); sickness including a bout with Scarlet fever my younger son and Alyssa's 5K preparation; time has been

Shortly after my last update I did get some news on baby Ritzman that she was born and remained in the hospital on supported breathing. upon opening my email this evening I find yet another update: Melanie and baby Ritzman are home! Discharged yesterday, the baby is on an apnea monitor and is being assisted with a NG tube for her nutrition. Praise God! Mike and Melanie's baby girl was born on the 23rd of February, so she will be celebrating her 1st month birth celebration at home. How sweet for her and her family! I don't think the Ritzman's blog, but as I am given permission I will post updates on Baby Olivia's condition.

Sadly after my last post baby Caleb's mom went into labor and Caleb was born into the arms of Jesus. I believe he was born at 35 weeks possibly 36. I trust that Calebs family would appreciate any prayers on their behalf. I know I hadn't given much information about them as I was just meeting them myself; however in my brief contact with Caleb's mom; they were ready to ride the T18 ride. In other words that were very excited to meet and parent this little one.

Every life is precious. Every child is a child with hope.

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