Friday, March 6, 2009

To hear or not to hear that is the question

Alyssa had an unsedated ABR hearing exam recently. This is what it looks like...the third visit was the charm; she slept like an old lady! Alyssa had moderate hearing loss, however this may change in time as she has very small ear canals. The loss isn't a major issue now as she hears us well because we're generally in close proximty of her. We'll follow things closely and in time she may need hearing aides or maybe not~time will tell.


  1. Trish,
    One amazing looking little girl. I forgot about this blog and kept waiting for the caringbridge notification. Wow I have been missing some updating and healthy new pictures. I will be a regular once again.
    Do you think you will make conference? Praying for this meeting.

  2. hey there. you're right not to worry about her hearing. Vera has minimal hearing too. and only in one ear. but who cares when she listens to you when you talk right? yeah same here I thought you'd stop updating here, glad you still are. what a fighter!

  3.'ve been holding out on me. I didn't even know you had a blogspot!!!! So glad about it. Praying that you have a Great day.

    Brenda Botts