Thursday, March 5, 2009

Working hard..a glimpse of OT and PT sessions

Alyssa and her OT Kris working on head control and neck strength. Alyssa getting some tummy time onthe ball. She likes this much better than floor tummy time.
Alyssa likes working on her big yellow ball. Bouncing while sitting up is one favorite things to do.
Alyssa sitting up with help from her OT Kris. Alyssa has OT twice a month and PT every week. We work with her daily at home in addition to the services she receives from her early intervention team.
Alyssa is working with Fran, her phyiscal therapist. She is side lying to help her stregthen head control.
Alyssa loves her work outs. We have noticed her gaining better muscle tone and stability with each passing week. She's a hard working little lady!

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  1. alyssa is really beautiful! what a sweet little smile she has! seeing these pics of her on the ball remind me of when kaiya was smaller and we had therapy in our home. ball exercises always get tons of fun smiles and giggles :)
    it's great reading about your little one. can't wait for more updates.