Friday, May 1, 2009

Catching Up

Alyssa resting right of her procedures.
Last I wrote we were preparing for the G-tube. I am happy to report that we are on the other side! Yes Alyssa had surgery the second week of April. Along with the G-tube placement, she had her left eye corrected and a skin biopsy. The only snag during the operation was the placement of the breathing tube. The anesthesiologist had to use a fiber optic scope to intubate her. If they had used the scope from the start it wouldn't have been as "traumatic" but it was introduced after 4 different doctors tried several times by the "traditional" method. This experience will now used as a teaching tool for anesthesiologist as it is going to be posted in the journal of anesthesiology. Aside from this Alyssa did wonderfully!! In two weeks we will return for a follow up appointment. Hopefully at that time Alyssa's button will be inserted, right now she has a malecot. Her surgeon does a 2 step process because she believes the healing is better. Alyssa was in the hospital 4 days. We appreciated how carefully they treated her and the caution used for avoiding any complications.a close up view of the malecotAlyssa was a trooper. She was on morphine for the first day and weaned down to Tylenol before leaving the hospital. She drank 25 cc by mouth when she was allowed to "eat" again. She seemed to breath better and to enjoy not having the NG. Her eye even with the redness looked much better too! We are glad that we went through with this, even though it was hard emotionally. Alyssa being held by Daddy.
.You can see the redness of her eye from that surgeryAlyssa is 9 months old and 13lbs 9 ounces. We celebrate every day that we have with her. One, two hurdles cleared! Wonder what else this Trisomy race will bring??


  1. Oh how much she has grown! She's so chubby now. What a blessing. Congrats on getting the button. Vera had hers in March and she is so much happier. Hate to see all that tape on Alyssa's tummy - hope it doesn't cause any rashes! Vera had some issues with intubating coincidental.

    Wonder will her button be BARD or Mickey?

  2. Alyssa is such a beautiful little girl! I'm so happy to hear that step one of her G-Tube went well.

  3. how wonderful that her surgery went well. if you don't mind me asking, what kind of surgery did she have done on her eye? my daughter has ptosis in her right eye and we are getting it repaired in june. i'm wondering if it is the same surgery?