Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Top 10 things (well almost) having a Trisomy 18 baby has taught me:

10. 30 cc is equal to 1 ounce. Proper ph for our daughter's stomach is between 1-6. I can never say..."I'll never use high school math or science in everday life." For I now use it everyday.

9. It is possible to hold a baby, change the diaper of a two year old, actively answer the "why" questions of a 5 year old and tell a 12 year old what there is to eat in the fridge all at the same time!

8. Picking the nose only begins the list of delicately sqiumish things a mother would do for her child...can we say suppository.

7. Juggeling is not an act that is done soley with balls, cubes or plates. Schedules/appointments, phone calls and meal preparation apply too.

6. God is good.

5. Medical school is where doctors go to get basic training for parenting.

4. Family is more than DNA, the blood of Christ binds much more deeply.

3. Don't run a quick errand after doctor's appointments. Go home and rest. The cashier/ service representative finds it difficult to understand what is being said through tears and doesn't get why your blubbering in the first place. S/he just wants your check/Mac card (??payment of choice) and for you to get on with it; no explainations please!

2. Love knows no bounds

1. In all things glorify God.

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  1. Trish, who takes those beautiful studio shots of Alyssa? really nicely done. btw, i can't imagine how you carry a baby and do all those other things all at once!