Monday, September 8, 2008

Our Pregnancy

picture taken at 38 weeks pregnant

Once realizing that I was pregnant, we confirmed the due date which was July 4th 2008. Due to my history and our recent miscarriage I had frequent blood work and ultrasounds until early December. Once the pregnancy seemed well established, we began routine prenatal care similar to any other pregnancy.

(picture taken at 8 months pregnant)

1/24/2008: Lab work completed for quad screen. Results indicated that the screen was negative for fetal OSB (open spina bifida), down syndrome and Trisomy 18. The report indicated in part: that the combination of maternal age, AFP, HCG, and uE3 idnetifies 60% of Trisomy 18 pregnancies. The Down Syndrome and Trisomy 18 screening are considered investigational. This report was generated by LabCorp.

2/25/2008: Ed, Ethan, Jessica and I went for the 20 week ultrasound. It was a beautiful spring morning a slight chill and breezy. The report indicated a live intrauterine pregnancy with no fetal anomalies. The intracranial, thoracic,abdominal, and skeletal structures visualized are normal in appearance. The spine and umbilical cord insertion are unremarkable in appearance. There is a four chamber heart with a regular rhythm and rate at 141 beats per minute. The placenta is anterior in location with out evidence of previa. Amniotic fluid volume is subjectively normal. Three vessels are see in the umbilical cord. Ultrasound measurements in agreement with dates 20 weeks and 2 days.

February 2008 - June 2008 : The very next day (2/26/08) I fully came down with what I thought to be a cold, but turned out to be a very bad case of bronchitis. I was nearly hospitalized , however with much pleading was placed on bed rest for 4 days with medication. Throughout the pregnancy I did notice minor things that were easily explained away. I didn't feel a lot of movement but I had an anterior placenta which I was told could block the feeling. To onlookers I didn't look pregnant or as far along as I truly was; but considering I give birth to 5lb babies not getting huge was not unusual. My eldest son was a preemie (born at 34 weeks) and weighted 5lb 10 ounces and the next born at term weighed the same. My eldest daughter born at 38 weeks was 5lbs 8 ounces. My kids plump up after birth! I had nausea, morning sickness, headaches, and/or dizziness throughout the pregnancy. Some days were worst than others, but some ailment was there and a good reminder of my pregnant condition.

6/5/2008: During my routine prenatal exam, the doctor couldn't determine the positioning of the baby. I was at 35 weeks 6 days (I gave birth to a footling breech baby vaginally prior at 34 weeks) and the doctor wanted some assurance to the positioning of the baby. An ultrasound was scheduled for the next week.

6/10/2008: It was noted that the fetal heart rate was 134 bpm. That my amniotic fluid was mildly increased at 20.5 and the placenta was anterior. The baby also measured a week smaller in most areas except for the head and abdomen which was 6 weeks smaller (29 weeks 5 days vs. 36 weeks 5 days). Fetal weight was estimated to be 4lbs 2 ounces. None of these findings were brought to my attention at that time, as a cause for concern; I only discovered the information after obtaining a copy of my medical history.It was from the findings in this ultrasound that was scheduled for weekly non stress tests (NST).

6/13/2008: Returned to the office for a NST. upon failing the NST a fetal biophysical Profile (FBP or BPP) was completed. A BPP is an ultrasound in which a tech assess fetal well being (how well the baby is tolerating being on the inside). A score is given during the exam for movements and fluid volume. 0 to 2 points are given for the four assessed areas. At this exam the baby scored normal or 8/8. My report amniotic fluid level was 12cm

1. Normal episodes of fetal breathing motion (b/c babies don't actually breath inutero) were observed: 2

2. At least 3 discreet body/limb movements were seen: 2

3. At least one episode of active extension/flexion identified: 2

4. The amniotic fluid volume is qualitatively normal with at least one pocket measuring 2 cm in two perpendicular planes: 2 points.

6/20/2008: Returned for another NST, and failed. A second BPP was performed and again the baby passed. My amniotic fluid ranged from 13.5 cm to 18.7 cm at this exam; the higher amount is considered a mild increase. My chart indicated that I have a history of polhydraminos (too much amniotic fluid) again I didn't discover this until I reviewed my chart.

6/25/2008 : Routine exam with NST and passed. Due date is 9 days away!

7/1/2008: Went to the Labor and deliver floor of the hospital for an NST and BPP ( a doctor wasn't available at the office). I had felt a decease in the movement I was use to from the baby over the weekend. I didn't feel any movement the night prior. This exam was completed by the doctor on the floor and we passed. I was told that the anterior placenta and fluid level was most likely blocking my feeling of the baby's movement.

7/2/2008: Routine exam. Since I was seen in the hospital the day before the NSTwas skipped. since early June I'd been 1-2cm dilated and 505 effaced. These measurements remained the same. Due date 2 days away!

7/10/2008: Still pregnant and surprised to be! NST completed and passed. Scheduled for induction on 7/11/2008.

7/11/2008: Hospital full. Induction postponed until Monday 7/14/2008.

We were sad to on two accounts for this change. 1. We were excited to have our baby of course and 2. Brandon our son/nephew was scheduled to move to his birth mother's home on Saturday the 12th. We had hoped that he would have been with us for the birth of this baby. However that was not the Lord's providence and we soon find out why...

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