Monday, March 21, 2011

Alyssa's first Phillies game! They played the Mets and won!! She loved the noise of the crowd, the lights and watched the Phantic do his stuff. It was a blast.

As you know purple is her signature color and anything with butterflies we love. So when having her AFO's made we chose just that! The cute lite up sneakers were a steal at Payless and just sassy enough to meet our standerds. Alyssa isn't walking but she wears her shoes when in her stander and walker. I like her to wear them on and off just to get the "weight" of wearing shoes, as a way for her to have imput on her legs and feet. It's cute to see her kick up her feet!

This inexpensive walker is a favorite spot of Alyssa's. She can stretch out her legs and play. It isn't as confining as her stander (which we love as it serves a greater purpose.) This walker allows Alyssa to hang out. She will make small pushes in it. We like that the seat is extra deepwhich gives her support.
Alyssa's dad put the entire walker on a dolly. It gave the extra few inches we needed as she was getting tall for the walker ad better wheels for mobility. The original walker wheels seemed to get stuck. This creative fix, gave the walker addded life, before passing it down to her little sister!

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