Thursday, July 15, 2010

HAPPY BIRTHDAY 2nd ALYSSA!! Random Pictures

This is Alyssa at her ENT appointment. Since her ear canals are so stenotic (small), her doctor has not been able to see her ear drum until using this method. Alyssa is strapped into a papoose for immobility. The doctor then uses a magnifier that is suspended from the ceiling to look through while using a tiny ear spoon (my term). It's the tool they typically use to look in the ear, but it has a super small tip. I know it looks painful but I'm certain it's just annoying. Especially when you can't move your arms to swat at the thing in your ear!! When the doctor sees wax, she using the trusty ole suction machine to slurp out the wax. This is the second time Alyssa has been through this and it was great in that we learned she has good functuioning ear drums. Now all we need is an audiology exam to determine what degree ( if any) of hearing loss she has. Learning this information has been hard, but she seems to hear as she rocks out to music and will respond to her name.

Couldn't flip this one! PC acting up!! this brought tears to my eyes though. We were able to trial Alyssa in a stander!! This is the supine stander which she looked great in and she loved it! Big girl standing!! This is the prone stander. It was nice to see her up but she hyper-extended her head a bit. She still needs a little reminder to maintian a proprer head tilt. It was great to see her standing!!

Happy Birthday Alyssa! She's in her new toy, an exersaucer! It was a little overwhelming for her. Hopefully i time it will grow on her. And then Alyssa tasting the waters of her bath. She loves to have the water sprinkeled near her nose.

Wow 8 days till Alyssa's 5K run/walk! Can't beleive it is nearly here!! I hope it goes well and that everyone enjoys not only the event but learning more about Trisomy 18!!

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  1. I need to share this with Lily's ENT. Her ear canals are too small, too. It concerns me because we never know if she has an ear infection, and I don't like guessing with antibiotics. I'm glad to see something exists for our little ones. And look at how proud Alyssa looks in her stander! We're still waiting on approval for one for Lily. Our insurance denied her saying that there wasn't any medical evidence to support them paying for it. Funny. Her PT says that if Lily doesn't get weight bearing on her hip sockets, she'll have hip troubles later in life. Sounds medically reasonable to me.