Thursday, September 3, 2009

Inspired by the Botts Family

"Better, far better, with Christ to be, living and loved through eternity."~Poet Unkown ~

Right now I'm driving down the T18 highway in the backseat of a friends car...Brenda Botts. Gods at the wheel and Brenda along w/Bri (Jerry and Ashley) are alongside in the passenger seat. The view from the back is alittle obstructed but from back here the road feels hilly and narrow and it's hard to see where we're being led.

I'm feeling motion sickness and wondering how I can get comfortable. You can see this isn't the most comfortable ride for them as a family, but they are doing what they can to make the most out it. The Botts family, they are enjoying their togetherness. They are glad to have a trusty car, and a reliable driver. They're happy that they can focus on what's happening in the moment and allow their driver to worry about what is ahead. They aren't even wearing seat beats! Trusting that God will get them to their destination safely.

Me, here in the back.. I want to lean forward and strap them in. I want to ask the driver to slow down, or stop for bit so I can catch my breath. But I'm just along for the ride, a stow away waiting for the rise of the next hill, dreading the decline..wondering if there will be a clear view of what's ahead.

The Botts family have been kind in letting me stow away here in the backseat, they share bits of their front seat treasures with me. They share their morsels of food (encouragement) and fresh water (faith in a living God), even their medicine ( big doses of T18 reality) willingly. Being back here on this trip is helping me to prepare for when it's my(our) turn in the front seat.

How blessed I am that God is sustaining the Botts family so much so that they are willing to share their experience. How blessed are they to have such a loving and compassionate God. Brenda and her family are teaching me, and are examples of how God does work within. God is good. Even when the end is near He is good.

Yesterday Brenda wrote on Brianna's blog: "Pray, pray, pray for comfort for Brianna. The time is near, very near. I guess from this posting you can tell the doctor appt. didn't go very well. Her heart has deteriorated rapidly. He said she has less than 14 days to live, that's two weeks, less than 336 hours, less than 20,160 minutes.....and that was earlier today. Followed today with in part:Bri is still with us. We are all wiped out. Last night was so bad that we were praying for Jesus to take her in his arms. There was no comforting her, even with medication. But once again our God showed mercy and opened up a room at the Hospice House (less than 5 miles down the road)...

As I posted days ago on our wndrfllymdeblog :
Last year I frantically looked up T18 to get answers. The doctors hadn't given us the official diagnosis for Alyssa yet, it was by a chance that I gleaned this was something they were looking into...after coming to honor page after honor page of precious babies held in memorial I found Brianna Botts. A baby girl (16 month old) living with T18! I watched the news clip of the Botts family story, saw the pictures of this cute little girl and thought "wow, look at that miracle." I contacted Brenda right away, and in what I've learned is her innate kind way..she reached out to me immediately. Brenda has guided me along this journey with a mixture of zeal and restraint, always sharing the realities of T18 with a gentle candor, for this I am always grateful.

Brianna does give hope, she gave it to me in the wee morning hours on July 16th 2008. Brianna has overcome much in her life and there is no one on this earth to say she will not overcome more. If you've made it this far in my rambling then I ask for you to fervently pray for Brianna and her family..pray for their hearts, spirits and minds to be graciously prepared for what the Lord has in store for Brianna. Hope remains and I pray that God who has been merciful to the Botts family will continue to sustain them."

It's a week past that post entry and God has been good to the Botts family to Brianna. I share this all becuase I need to...I can't tell you what Brenda's favorite color is or how she takes her coffee. Yet I feel we share a bond of friendship, and I am grieving with her, Jerry and Ashley.

God commands Christians to join in the suffering of others :
"Weep with those who weep" Romans 12:15

You have done that for our family and now I am asking you to uphold the Botts family. Pray as they have requested, or visit Brianna's site and leave an encouraging message. I know they would appreciate your prayers. Sadly the reality of T18 is now being seen...Brianna at 2 years was thriving only months ago and now is preparing to be with Christ. The sadness is not for where Bri is going it is for those left behind and their missing their beautiful spirited loving girl/sister.

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  1. Trish, I don't know what to say other than thank you, thank you for the prayers, thank you for the friendship, thank you for sharing your family. I will be in touch with you in the next couple of weeks. God bless you all. Please give sweet Alyssa a kiss for me.